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Social Media Marketing

The New Gold Rush: Social Media Marketing

It is no secret that marketing to an empty room is an act of futility. One of the great keys to successful marketing, on any platform, is to understand where the audience is at because marketing is meant for people not empty seats. That is also a major role played by marketing strategists. In the world of marketing, the simple logic is the more people you talk to means the more people that will hear which equates to more people who become customers, and that results in greater revenue, recognition, and brand establishment. And today, social media marketing is where the audience can be found.

Not bad for a day's work, right? When radio was big, some million years ago, it was also the primary channel for marketers because it was where people could be found and reached. When television made its "appearance" as a regular household item, it became the primary and most lucrative channel for marketers because that is where the people were. Then came the internet, and now social media platforms are where that audience is, and where they can be reached. Marketing Strategists might call this the new gold rush, but rarely has any marketing era known the potential windfall offered by Social Media Marketing.

If you are looking to start a new marketing campaign or if you would like to have a consultation with a marketing strategist, the team at 444 Ignite Consulting can help. They help companies of all sizes, across all sectors, in every industry with marketing campaigns that win, with brands that succeed, and to reach their audience. Did you hear that?

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