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The Wall of Ideas


444 Ignite is a strategic marketing consultancy and services company focused on driving value and growth for its clients. How do we do this? We leverage data analytics and technology to transform businesses, create unique customer experiences, and deliver the desired performance metric/s. Our services and solutions are designed to deliver winning outcomes. Whether it’s consumer intelligence and identity, marketing analytics, using advanced analytics to solve marketing challenges, or constructing a winning marketing data & technology strategy, 444 Ignite is here to help you win.


444 Ignite uses a disciplined, consultative approach, designed to identify and realistically define your immediate and long-term opportunities and strategize solutions. Then, we apply advanced analytics and modeling to simulate and predict outcomes and select the optimal result. Finally, we work closely with your team, making the most of every available resource so your company can come out on top.

Business Team


Edward Ramsey, founder and principal consultant, has over 25 years of experience in advertising, media and marketing services. As a senior executive at a multi-billion dollar marketing services company, Edward successfully led enterprise initiatives designed to innovate services, grow revenue, build new technologies and drive business transformation. Moreover, he has a successful track record delivering analytics applications at scale, driving advertising/marketing performance and business impact -  monetizing new data products and growing incremental revenue. Edward has spent the last 7 years leading digital transformation initiatives including adtech M&A,  launching new data products, integrating new digital channels and expanding analytics capabilities and services. His experience consulting with the Top 100 advertisers enables him to leverage insights and expertise that is only available to few in this space. Because of his deep domain knowledge, he has been sought out to speak at industry events and published in several industry publications.

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