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In order to win in today’s consumer-driven market, marketers need a platform that aligns with their strategy, easy to integrate and activate, and agile for growth and innovation. With so much data, technology and service providers you may be asking yourself, where or how do I start? That’s where 444 Ignite Consulting Services come in. We provide the following:


  • Data Strategy Development

  • Data Monetization Strategy

  • Product Strategy and Go-To-Market Planning

  • Marketing Technology Evaluation

Customer Insights

We have a Consumer Intelligence Engine rich with in-market consumer transactions and behaviors that reveal:

  • Who the category consumers are and how they transact with brands

  • Where they search online, store visits, shop, and buy

  • Their attitudes, lifestyles, and what drives their behavior

  • What media channels they consume and when do they engage

Advanced Analytics

Analytics can be challenging, especially when your team lacks the skills, tools, and methods. We can help you bridge the gap with the following solutions:

  • Customer File analysis & enhancement

  • Customer Profile & Segmentation

  • Custom Models

  • Business Analytics

  • Analytics SAAS Applications

Strategic Media Planning

Our media optimization approach uses behavioral data to eliminate assumptions and develop omni-channel media recommendations that incorporate the one-to-one principles of relevance, precision and accountability across the entire planning model. This process includes:

  • Consumer/Market Profiles

  • Market/Store trade assessment

  • Media Engagement/Preferences

  • Media Optimization (Selecting the optimal channels to deliver the results)

Data Solutions

In the digital age data is king. It’s not about how much data you have. Rather, how much data do you have that will intimately connect you to your consumers. We have relationships with world-class providers of data and insights.

  • Data Sourcing/Licensing

  • Data Sampling & Evaluation

  • Data Syndication


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